Kindred: 12 Queer #LoveOzYA Stories

The wonderful team at AusYaBloggers (instagram and blog) recently organised an #OwnVoices book tour for Kindred: 12 Queer #LoveOzYA Stories and not only was I gifted a free copy of this novel, but I was able to do a quick interview with Nevo Zisin, one of the amazing authors in this novel. I’ll be posting a (very detailed, very glowing) review of this book shortly, so keep your eyes peeled! The masterpost for all Kindred book tour posts can be found HERE.
Book Sypnosis:

What does it mean to be queer? What does it mean to be human? In this powerful #LoveOzYA collection, twelve of Australia’s finest writers from the LGBTQ+ community explore the stories of family, friends, lovers and strangers – the connections that form us.

This inclusive and intersectional #OwnVoices anthology for teen readers features work from writers of diverse genders, sexualities and identities, including writers who identify as First Nations, people of colour or disabled. With short stories by bestsellers, award winners and newcomers to young adult fiction including Jax Jacki Brown, Claire G Coleman, Michael Earp, Alison Evans, Erin Gough, Benjamin Law, Omar Sakr, Christos Tsiolkas, Ellen van Neerven, Marlee Jane Ward, Jen Wilde and Nevo Zisin.

Includes a foreword by anthology editor Michael Earp, resources for queer teens, contributor bios and information about the #LoveOzYA movement.

Book Review:

This was one of the most diverse and incredible books I’ve ever read. I love queer lit, I love Australian lit and I love YA stories, so this ticked absolutely ALL of my boxes. I genuinely think there is something for almost everyone in here; the diversity and inclusivity was just THAT amazing!!

Some stand out stories for me included ‘I Like Your Rotation’ by Jax Jacki Brown, ‘Waiting’ by Jen Wilde, ‘Light Bulb’ by Nevo Zisin and ‘In Case of Emergency, Break Glass’ by Erin Gough. I’ve previously read work only by Jen Wilde and Erin Gough, so now I’m really excited to go out and see what the other authors in this collection have published!

Of course, I loved all of the 12 stories in here, but the four mentioned above will stick with me for awhile. There were just so many relatable moments in this book that I felt like they could have been written about me or the other queer people in my life. 
As an additional note- I absolutely adored all the little drawings before each story. Super cute and fun!!!

Final Thoughts:

I would (and do!) recommend this to anyone and everyone. Honestly, my family, friends and partner are probably all pretty sick of hearing about it by now, because I just won’t shut up about it!! This was my first #LoveOzYA book, and as we speak I am adding some of the others to my cart on BookDepository.

I am extremely grateful to AusYaBloggers, WalkerBooks, Michael Earp and Nevo Zisin for allowing me to read and review this book. For my first Book Tour, this has been an exceptional experience.


Obviously, being a Queer anthology, the LGBTQ+ diversity in this book is through the roof. However, there also are numerous other diversities featured within this collection of stories; disabled characters, characters of colour, autistic characters, etc. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever read a book (granted, this does contain 12 seperate stories) with so much diversity!

Overall Rating:

5/5 stars


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